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The pastoral body of the church is composed of a pastor,1 elder,1 deacon and 7 leaders. The church is headed by Apostle Mylene Mudiay.

The Apostle Mylene Mudiay is the overseer of Apostolic Bethel Church, she believes that no work can be built, expanded and developed without commitment and organization. The Bible speaks about Nehemiah and the people of God who understood that the work of God also requires dedication henceforth, they said: let us rise and build (Nehemiah. 2/18). They knew that by taking a step forward in God’s, God would stand with them to achieve success (job 22/28). So the word of God declares that, if the LORD does not build, those who build work in vain?
The Apostolic Bethel Church is based in Wembley, our aim is to strive for the extension of the kingdom of God and the edification of the body of Christ. We believe that to achieve this mission, the church requires structure and participation. Therefore, the pastoral body is composed of:
A pastor
1 elder
1 deacon
7 leaders.

As a church/body of Christ, we have different departments that allow us to express and share gifts of God within us. We have:

1.Women and Family Department:

In this department, we emphasize the 4 Pillars below by applying Proverbs 31
Spiritual – We provide women the opportunity to study and apply God’s word.
Service – We teach women how to serve others.
Support – We provide coaching for the development of self-confidence and empower these women to impact their environment.
Social – We fellowship on a regular basis and network with women from other churches/ministries (Women of all Nation Network).
Our missions in families are:
To promote prayer within households and families. To treat every church member and family as equal and we stand in prayer for/with widows/orphans and homeless. We also provide financial support to individuals and church attendants and support those going through bereavement/hardship by providing home visits.
Responsible: M Helene Dalle Din

2.The Youth Department

This department includes everyone from the age of two to eighteen. It was established to empower the youth spiritually, emotionally, socially, and economically in order to prepare them for the future as well as promote self-awareness, self-love, commitment to working for the Lord, autonomous and equipping them to face the world and keeping their head high. The youths are prepared for the day/harvest of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Responsible: Ms. Gracia Susuzande /Apostle Mylene Mudiay

3.The Evangelization Department

We strive to apply the word of our Lord and Saviour Jesus who said: “ Go all over the world and preach the good news to all creation” (Mark 16/15). We are eager to fulfill the noble mission of every Christian here on earth

Responsible: Evangelist Laurette Enzala

4.Love 4 God, Worship Department:

Love 4 God mission is to ensure that God’s presence is manifested amongst his people. Every member of this department is trained and prepared with the same mindset: God sits in the midst of the praises of his people PS 22/4.
Our team of praise and worship (Love 4 God) is composed of anointed leaders with the ability and gift of bringing God’s people to connect to God’s presence through hymns inspired by the Holy-Spirit inspired. They are anointed with the ability of opening doors for a spiritual atmosphere, favorable and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. They meet once a week as part of their discipline, preparation, and boosting.

Responsible: Elder Mychris Bila  

5.The order and Reception Department:

Sentinel on feet from the beginning to the end of the cult, he ensures that the people are well disposed to follow the worship. To this end:

He is responsible for welcoming and installing anyone who enters the church. Prevent distraction (movement, noise, drowsiness)
Maintaining order during worship
Organizing reception of all events held by Church
In charge of preparing the Holy communion.

Responsible: Deacon Patricia Dibo 

6.Translators Department:

The main role is to translate all our services in French, English or Lingala

Responsible: Ms Josiane Dembo

7. Finance Department:

Finance Department deals with all expenses related to the Church charges
To also fund our partner’s charities overseas
To organize any social event to funds the church
To search for sponsors or partners to contribute to the projects of building biblical schools in Africa by 2025

Responsible: Minister Helene Dalle Din

8.Intercession Department:

A true pillar, and key to the success of God’s work (Christ himself did nothing without praying), this department is a sentinel who stands on the tower like Habakkuk. Its role is to:
Unwaveringly support God’s work
Spiritually watch over the church
For this purpose, it organizes weekly prayers, a vigil, or a prayer channel monthly, solemn convocations in case of alert from the Lord or about the spiritual life of the church or the nation.

Responsible: Minister Mireille Isalu

9.The Cleaning Department:

This department is responsible for the cleanliness and beautification of the church (interior and exterior)

Responsible: Ms herese Jin Ebongue

10.The Media Department:

We know that faith comes from hearing and believe that spoken word and song are two of the most important tools for a church service.
It is our goal as a media team to provide clear and intelligible sound that is transparent and distraction free to the listener.
We set up all the necessary equipment and ensures that it will run smoothly.
We broadcast our services live either on television or by creating a live stream on the church’s website.
We search clients to rent a spot in our TV studio

Responsibles: Minister Coralie Tchoumkeu and Shepherd Patrick Tchoumkeu

11.The Leadership Department:

Chair Operations Leadership Team
Member of Vision and oversight Leadership Team and Ministry Leadership Team
Oversee all operational departments and ministries and line manage key operational staff
Support and input to the strategic development and vision of the Church
Oversee all the Church’s administration on a day-to-day basis
Oversee development of the Church’s website and electronic media
Responsible for design and production of all the Church’s publicity
Provide essential operational continuity across a range of tasks in absence of others
Responsible: Apostle Mylene Mudiay